COVID-19 response

COVID-19 response


COVID-19 crisis is here and it is severe, especially for culture and creative industries. In response to the emergency, we are launching 4 new grant lines to provide financial and informational support to cultural organisations and individuals.

Whether you feel the lack of expertise on how to run the team in the “work from home” mode, need an outside perspective on tools you can use to reach your audience online, struggle with paying the rent, or look for funding for an innovative digital project, we are here to help. Here are the emergency grants:

Hatathon “Hack the Culture”

Together with Goethe-Institut Ukraine and supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, we launch an online ideathon, gathering more than 1,000 participants to brainstorm new workflows, formats, and business models carrying culture and cultural organisations through the crisis. Artists, cultural managers, entrepreneurs, and IT specialists will team up to keep culture going. 

We invite you to contribute from your living room or improvised offices on the balcony. This is why our event is called hatathon (from Ukrainian “hata” — home). 

3 project teams with the most thought-out and promising ideas will receive EUR 3,000 prizes, while all short-listed project teams will have a chance to apply for EUR 25,000 follow-up grants to implement their ideas after the Hatathon.

Infrastructure grants

We are ready to help with the unexpected expenses on technical equipment and the essential payments your cultural organisation may struggle with, due to the quarantine and its economic fallout. Apply for this grant to buy computers and software to sustain your work, connect with your audiences and organise home offices during the quarantine. If you are an NGO, this grant can also help you to pay your rent and salaries. 

Digital cooperation grants

The crisis can also be an opportunity. If the pandemic inspired you on a new, ambitious digital format of cultural cooperation with your colleagues from the EU and the UK, you can apply for this grant. We are looking for innovative and out-of-the-box projects, taking cooperation grants to the digital level. 

Online university

Quarantine has given you the time to boost your skills and expertise as a culture professional. We assemble a selection of online courses for you to get even more productive during the crisis and provide a micro-stipend you may win if you successfully pass them. Check out one of the 7 online courses on Prometheus or 17 courses on Coursera and follow the updates, as the Online university will grow over time.

This is for you!

Choose a fitting call and apply now!

We connect people and opportunities

We support professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their EU colleagues. This encompasses 20+ programme lines managed by us and a constantly increasing database of the best opportunities offered by other European organizations. This is just the beginning: more opportunities, events and acquaintances are coming.

We are all over Ukraine

We are convinced that we should go where our support and information are needed the most: out in the regions. Organising Pop-Up Hubs, creative entrepreneurship in the regions is stimulated, whereas the Mobile Pavilion sets our concept on the move.


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