How do I apply for an opportunity?

Check the “How do I apply?” field on the opportunity page. Usually, you should apply via our online platform, but this differs for some opportunities. 


To apply for an opportunity via our online platform, you have to register. Create an account, choose a call, fill in the application form following the directions, and wait for the results. Good luck!

I have never applied for a grant/programme. Can you help me?

We cannot help you with applying, but no worries — we did our best to provide you with all the info on the application process. Please check the opportunity page and go through the Application guidelines attached in the Documents block. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via ask@houseofeurope.org.ua


To introduce beginners to our opportunities and how to apply, we conduct information events. See the calendar to find the nearest event.
In what language should I submit my application?

This depends on the opportunity you choose. 

When applying via our online platform, check the language of the form. Use English to complete the forms in English and Ukrainian for forms in Ukrainian.

When applying for opportunities via other websites, please read the rules there carefully.

Do I need to provide printed documents to apply?
Scanned copies are enough at the application stage. If your application is successful, we will ask you to provide hard copies of some of the documents.
Are there templates for the recommendation letters and other documents?
We do have templates for some of them enclosed in the Documents block on the opportunity page. You decide on the form of other documents yourself.
Where can I see an application form for an opportunity?

You can either register on our online platform, and look through an application form, or see the questions from the form in the opportunity’s Application Guidelines.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide examples of application forms from sites other than our online platform. If the opportunity requires to apply via another platform we will not be able to help.
Can I apply for several grants or programmes?
Yes, you can apply for as many programmes as you wish. However, we advise concentrating on the one you are most excited about.

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