Stipends for professionals in culture and creative industries

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Grant
Location: Ukraine
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: House of Europe

Our stipends support professionals in culture and creative industries in times of COVID-19 pandemic. You will receive UAH 3.000 for taking one of the free online courses from our selection. 


In practice, this is:

  • An opportunity to select the course you like most among the 28 options. All courses are free of charge. 
  • A UAH 3.000 stipend you can spend on anything you like. No reports needed. 
  • Studying when it is most convenient. There is no schedule: watch courses when you have the time and motivation. One course will take up to 30 hours of your time.
  • New skills that will enhance you professionally and will be useful in the post-pandemic world. Besides — another line in your CV. 
  • A productive way to spend the quarantine.

Each week we issue up to 150 stipends. Applicants that will meet the technical criteria will receive the stipends. To meet the criteria you have to prove that you work in the sphere of culture and creative industries and attach the certificate of completion of the online course. The deadline is rolling — each Friday at 15.00 Kyiv time. 

We will be choosing winners until we run out of funds for this programme. You have plenty of time to finish your studying, but do not hesitate with the application after you get the diploma — the number of stipends is limited. 

Can I apply?

This opportunity is for professionals in culture and the creative industries:

  • Managers, curators, cultural operators, experts, researchers, and cultural entrepreneurs in the fields of music, theatre, dance, design, fashion, visual arts and photography, audiovisual arts (including film), crafts, art market, museums, galleries, libraries, publishing and literature, festivals, creative hubs, cultural heritage, archives, restoration and conservation
  • Artists and creative professionals working with music, theatre, dance, and other performing arts, visual arts and photography, audiovisual arts (including film), crafts, sculpture, media art, concept art, literature, advertising
  • Architects, landscape architects, urban planners

Please mind that we do not support professionals in adjacent spheres like media and education. Journalists reporting on arts and professors teaching at art institutions cannot apply for stipends. 


We understand that some of you have lost the opportunity to work, so we encourage to apply both people currently employed in the field and those who have lost their job recently.

What do I get?

A stipend of UAH 3.000 and hands-on knowledge.

What are the eligible courses?

You can take one of these free courses in Ukrainian by Prometheus:


Please find a step-by-step Prometheus registration guide here

It takes from 3 to 7 days to generate a certificate on this platform. Consider this when planning the time. 


You can also choose one of the free courses in English by Coursera:

Please find a step-by-step Coursera registration guide here


Or complete a free online course in Ukrainian at EdEra:


Please find a step-by-step EdEra registration guide here.


Our online university will grow over time. Follow the updates on this page to be the first to know when we add new courses.

What do I need to apply?

Private entrepreneurs must submit:

  • Certificate of completion of the course dated not earlier than 14 April 2020
  • Extract from the Unified State Registry of Enterprises and Organisations to confirm that you work in the sector of culture and creative industries. The economic activity type must be in culture and creative industries.

Natural persons must submit: 

  • Certificate of completion of the course dated not earlier than 14 April 2020
  • A document to confirm that you work or recently worked in the sphere of culture and creative industries in Ukraine. You can submit either:
    • A certificate of employment 
    • An extract from the employment book 
    • Other: a service agreement, a contract with an employer or another document. The document must be issued no later than 3 years ago. 

We will need your passport, individual taxpayer identification number, and banking details to transfer the money. We will ask you to submit these documents later. 


We take your personal data carefully and processed it in compliance with GDPR requirements. Please find our privacy policy here

How do I apply?

Read the Application Guidelines carefully and apply via our online platform.

Good to know
  • You can receive the stipend only once.
  • You have to be a citizen of Ukraine. 
  • Each week we issue 150 stipends. If the list of applicants exceeds the number of stipends, we will use the lottery to select the winner.
  • The submission of the application does not guarantee the award of the stipend. We will not be able to grant the stipend if you do not attach some of the documents or if the documents do not meet the technical criteria. Carefully go through the application before submitting it.
  • Please note that if you provide incorrect bank details, your win will be void. We will not be able to correct or update the bank details. 

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