Individual Project Grants

Individual Project Grants


You should cherish the idea of a personal project — a project which is not directly related to your place of work. A project which you want to implement because it will fulfil your ambitions, grant new experience, and help you make a name for yourself. A challenging project because you have never done anything like this before. A worthy project because it will be beneficial to other professionals in the sphere. We believe in the potential of such initiatives to become agents of change within society. For this reason we offer Individual Project Grants.

These grants fund personal projects featuring the EU and the UK. You may apply for a grant to launch a podcast or Telegram channel, create an online course, hold a networking event, purchase a ticket to a conference, or pay for participation in fee-based internships. We will support any initiative that will introduce you to new experiences and allow you to share your ideas with others. We encourage the bilateral flow of experiences with the EU, meaning you can both learn from European experts and share your ideas with local audiences.

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Interdisciplinary project "Kindred-Alien or how to befriend an extraterrestrial". A project by Anton Ovchinnikov, supported by the Individual Project Grants

This is for you and your personal projects

Use the grant to bring to life a project that dazzles you. It doesn’t matter whether it corresponds with your daily tasks at work – the question is whether it nudges you to take on additional responsibility and grow while coping with challenges.

This is for projects featuring the EU or UK

The project should have an international dimension: featuring either the EU or the UK. If you’re thinking of participating in a workshop, find a fitting offer at a European educational platform. If you’re planning on launching a blog, make sure to interview the EU professionals. If you need funding to present your ideas, consider enrolling in an EU conference.

This is for projects as you envision them

The big idea, the team to work on the project, the scale of the activities — all are under your control. We do have restrictions as to the budget, duration of the project, and topic in general. However, those restrictions are so broad you can think of a lot of worthy projects within them.


Course "Nature and society of primitive Europe". A project by Pavlo Shydlovskyi, supported by the Individual Project Grants

This is for projects that are bigger than you

We value projects that not only address your individual needs, but also have an impact on the Ukrainian professional community. Share the know-how and embrace opportunities for exchange while leaving the purchase of equipment for infrastructure grants.

This is for professionals in different sectors, from education to media

We issue Individual Project Grants for professionals in culture and creative industries, education and youth work, social entrepreneurship and media. For each sector we have specified target groups that need our support the most. What matters to us is not your title, but a thought-out idea and strong motivation. Regardless of whether you’re a teacher at a rural school or a university professor in a busy city, all have equal chances of receiving a grant.

This is for you!

We connect people and opportunities

We support professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their EU colleagues. This encompasses 20+ programme lines managed by us and a constantly increasing database of the best opportunities offered by other European organizations. This is just the beginning: more opportunities, events and acquaintances are coming.

We are all over Ukraine

We are convinced that we should go where our support and information are needed the most: out in the regions. Organising Pop-Up Hubs, creative entrepreneurship in the regions is stimulated, whereas the Mobile Pavilion sets our concept on the move.


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