Creative Business Academy

Creative Business Academy


We believe in Ukrainian creative businesses and envision them on the EU market. To make this vision a reality, we invite creative start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over Ukraine to participate in the Creative Business Academy. During the intense online training, we will teach you how to turn an ambitious idea into a prosperous business and introduce you to experts from the EU. The training will touch upon financing, copyright, marketing, pitching, and, most importantly, internalisation. 

The intense training for creative start-ups and enterprises is part of our regional programme. We synchronise it with pop-ups — the embassies we open in creative hubs in regional centres of Ukraine.

We open calls for Creative Business Academy once a year. Follow the programme page or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when your call opens.


This is for hands-on information and real cases

You will find out how to create a prosperous business and internationalise it. No windbaggery — only honest stories of success and failure, practical homework, and personalised advice. 

This is for unrestrained communication with the EU-experts

Ask questions, review homework, and discuss the challenges of your business during the personal consultation with the experts. We want you to have the opportunity to communicate with mentors directly, so there will be no translator. For this reason, good knowledge of English language matters.

This is for participation in BRIGHT. Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen

Participants will have a chance to participate in the national competition for creative start-ups and go to the BRIGHT. Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen if they win. Hearing accessories DEAFMETAL, online learning platform Maktab, and the design of female urinals Lapee have already conquered BRIGHT. This year the title of the best start-up and the money prize might go to you.

This is for innovative and creative start-ups

We welcome city festivals, home decor brands that use recycled materials, AR applications for museums, and other creative businesses. You can apply with a finished product or with a prototype that you dream to develop into an international company.

This is for studying even in times of pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Creative Business Academy went online. Though we do not meet in person, there still is studying, consultations with experts from the EU, and networking with Ukrainian creative entrepreneurs.

This is for you!

We connect people and opportunities

We support professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their EU colleagues. This encompasses 20+ programme lines managed by us and a constantly increasing database of the best opportunities offered by other European organizations. This is just the beginning: more opportunities, events and acquaintances are coming.

We are all over Ukraine

We are convinced that we should go where our support and information are needed the most: out in the regions. Organising Pop-Up Hubs, creative entrepreneurship in the regions is stimulated, whereas the Mobile Pavilion sets our concept on the move.

Our live updates in social networks

Be the first to know about new opportunities right next door or abroad. We tell you right away what is in store for you and how to go for it.

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We provide you with a digest of our opportunities for people and organisations from the EU and the UK. We respect your time and privacy – we will only drop you a line when we have some great open calls.

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