Creative Business Survival Kit

Creative Business Survival Kit


Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park, it is hiking. Entrepreneurship in times of war is hiking in a blizzard with no internet connection, map, and equipment. 

To support the daredevils running creative businesses in Ukraine, we designed the Creative Business Survival Kit. The kit includes two months of weekly personal consultations and EUR 1,000 to start solving the most pressing issues. Experts from Ukraine and the EU will advise you on overcoming the challenges in the Ukrainian market, internationalisation, and optimising the operational processes. 

You can apply for Creative Business Survival Kit twice a year. Follow our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when your call opens.


This is for tailor-made business solutions

We do not have ready-made solutions. Together with our business consultants, you will solve the pressing challenges of your business: optimise the organisational structure, adapt the financial model, design new products or decide on the markets to start with international expansion. After two months of regular meetings, you will test the hypotheses and adjust the action plan.

This is for action, not theory

You will get EUR 1,000 to advance your business. Generator, translation of your website into English, consultation on sales on Etsy, Facebook targeting — after the consultations, you will know exactly how to spend the money effectively.

This is for consultations from pros

Our business consultants have 5+ years of experience, know-how in the sphere of creative industries and an understanding of how to unleash the potential of their clients. We work with mentors from the EU, as well as pros of the Ukrainian creative scene — Anna Petrova, Volodymyr Vorobey, Inna Shynkarenko, Kostiantyn Vorobiov, Olena Kobylianska, and Oleksandr Romanishyn.

This is for indomitable creative businesses

We support ecological brands of ceramics, architectural visualisation studios, children's publishing houses, media about visual culture and other creative enterprises that keep working even during the full-scale war. All you need is a strong motivation and the desire to implement changes.

This is for you!

We connect people and opportunities

We support professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their EU colleagues. This encompasses 20+ programme lines managed by us and a constantly increasing database of the best opportunities offered by other European organizations. This is just the beginning: more opportunities, events and acquaintances are coming.

We are all over Ukraine

We are convinced that we should go where our support and information are needed the most: out in the regions. Organising Pop-Up Hubs, creative entrepreneurship in the regions is stimulated, whereas the Mobile Pavilion sets our concept on the move.

Our live updates in social networks

Be the first to know about new opportunities right next door or abroad. We tell you right away what is in store for you and how to go for it.

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We provide you with a digest of our opportunities for people and organisations from the EU and the UK. We respect your time and privacy – we will only drop you a line when we have some great open calls.

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