Digital Labs: curators of exhibitions

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Digital Labs
Location: Online
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: House of Europe

Digital Lab is an intensive programme for artists and curators who seek to showcase Ukrainian art worldwide.   

In nine days, you will learn how to hold an exhibition abroad: find a space, transport the artworks, install the show, and launch a promo campaign to gather a full house at the opening. We will discuss your portfolio and catalogue to ensure the exhibition travels to multiple countries. Leaving the Lab, you will have a plan of an exhibition carefully revised by art curators and gallerists from all over Europe.  

When: 9-17 April 2024  

Where: online  

Language: Ukrainian and English with translation into Ukrainian 

What do I get?
  • Feedback on your planned exhibition projects or development of an exhibition project abroad checked with experts from the field from all over Europe.   
  • More than 10 practical lectures, during which you will learn the secrets of placing artworks in the exhibition space, communication with exhibition spaces from the EU, sourcing funding and many more. 
  • Over 10 hours of face-to-face communication with experts to check your exhibition project and ask all your questions. 
  • The opportunity to receive up to 500 euros for professional development: projects, workshops, courses, books and anything else that interests you at work. 
Can I apply?

The Lab will benefit:  

  • Art curators who seek to systemise their knowledge and learn more about carrying out exhibitions abroad  
  • Artists who dream of exhibiting their works worldwide  
What do I need to apply?
  • Experience of holding 2+ exhibitions  
  • Portfolio: photos, videos, and links to publications about your exhibitions  
  • Scanned copy of the first page of the passport  
  • Contacts of two people who can give you a recommendation 
How do I apply?

Read the application guidelines and apply via our online platform.  

In the guidelines, you will find more information about the format of the online labs, the participant selection process, and application questions. 

Good to know
  • We only accept individual applications: you will not be able to apply together with colleagues. 
  • You may submit one entry for this competition. If you are not lucky enough to pass the selection, do not despair: try again next time or choose another program from the House of Europe catalogue of opportunities.  

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