Co-production course for Ukrainian producers

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Programme
Location: Online
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: House of Europe x Netflix x EAVE

When financing of the film industry is limited due to war, co-production might be your chance to keep working. This course will unfold how to put together successful films, series, and documentaries with international partners.

From the strategy of finding partners to concluding mutually beneficial agreements, to pitching and sourcing financing, to showcasing your projects at festivals and distributing them — we will cover each milestone of the project’s lifespan from Ukrainian filmmakers' points of view. Taught by international heads of major pitching forums, producers of critically-acclaimed co-productions, lawyers, marketing directors, and pitching trainers.

You will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of all stages of a project life-span from an international co-production point of view. 

The masterclasses are offered by European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) within our partnership with Netflix, aimed at supporting Ukrainian creators locally and worldwide who have been affected or displaced by the war.

What is on the programme?

Seven two-hour masterclasses from 28 to 30 June. You will learn about:

  • Co-production strategies, taught by Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska (Madants, Poland), Lise Lense-Møller (Magic Hour Films, Denmark), and Lucas Schmidt (STUDIO ZENTRAL, Germany)
  • Legal issues of co-production, taught by Katrine Schlüter Schierbeck (entertainment and intellectual property lawyer, Denmark)
  • Sales, distribution, and festival strategies, taught by Gabor Greiner (Films Boutique, Germany), Andrea Hock (Autlook Filmsales, Austria) and Danna Stern (In Transit Productions and yes Studios, Germany)
  • Pitching and presenting your project, taught by Sibylle Kurz (pitching trainer, Germany)
  • International financing opportunities, taught by Riina Sildos (Amrion Productions, Estonia)
  • Digital marketing tools, taught by Raquel Cabrera (The Film Agency, Spain)
  • European co-production markets, taught by Martina Bleis (Berlinale Co-Production Market, Germany), Francesco Capurro (Series Mania Forum, France), and Tereza Šimíková (CPH: DOX, Denmark)

Please check the full programme to find the schedule and more info about the speakers. To make sure everyone can get access to the masterclasses, Ukrainian translation will be provided.

Can I apply?

This course is open to Ukrainian producers and line producers that:

  • Work with feature films, series and/or documentaries
  • Have at least one film, TV, or web series credit
  • Need an up-to-date overview of the co-production sphere
What do I need to apply?
  • CV
  • A screenshot of the title card or a link to your profile on any open-source film database (IMDB, Dzyga, etc.)
  • A scan of your passport of Ukraine
How do I apply?

Apply via our online platform. Log in, opt for the chapter ’Digital Labs’ and the open call ’Course on co-production for Ukrainians’. 

You will get an electronic letter with the results of the open call on 1 June.

Good to know
  • We will prepare printed certificates on the completion of the course. To get one, you will need to fill in the feedback form. 
  • You have to be an 18+ years old citizen of Ukraine to participate.
  • We value diversity. Applications will be accepted irrespective of any upper age limit, disability, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or country of residence.
  • Ukrainian citizens residing in the Restricted Regions of Ukraine are not eligible. "Restricted Region of Ukraine” refers to the United States sanctioned areas of Ukraine. Those include Crimea, ‘LPR’, and ‘DPR’.

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