Workshop “Intangible cultural heritage preservation”

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Workshop
Location: Zoom
Deadline: 02 September 2022 at 15:00 Kyiv time
Organiser: House of Europe: Goethe-Institut Ukraine

In July, UNESCO inscribed the culture of Ukrainian borscht cooking on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding. However, lots of other Ukrainian traditions, ceremonies, arts, and crafts are still endangered. Hop on the mission to safeguard them, and join the workshop. 

In two days, you will assess the state of intangible cultural heritage in your hromada and understand how to safeguard it. Iryna Kats, an expert on living heritage and cultural management, will be there for you. 

We will meet on 14-15 September in Zoom. Please make sure that you are available for four hours from 13:00 till 17:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. 

The workshop is part of Cultural Transformation Lab — a series of practical education and networking events aimed at supporting Ukrainian cultural managers, civil society and cultural actors residing outside of large cities and regional centres in times of war. 

The Lab is carried out by Goethe-Institut Ukraine in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. The programme is funded by the EU under the House of Europe programme.

What is in the programme?
  • Intangible cultural heritage preservation: key terms and stakeholders
  • Threats to the living heritage of small cities and hromadas in times of war
  • Preservation tools: lists, preservation plans, etc.
Who are the speakers?

Iryna Kats

  • Cultural manager, independent expert on cultural policy, strategy, and organisational development, facilitator, trainer, and social animator
  • Founder and head of the board of the civil organisation Cultural Di@logue
  • Author of innovative projects on the transformation of public spaces, participatory approaches in hromadas’ advancement, and building of intercultural dialogue and trust in the society 
  • Co-facilitator of the Platform of Intangible Cultural Heritage, deputy director of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy Emergecy Council on Intangible Cultural Heritage
Can I apply?

This opportunity is for everyone involved in the protection of living heritage: 

  • Carriers of traditions and practices
  • Culture and education executives from small cities and hromadas
  • Representatives of NGOs taking care of the intangible heritage
How do I apply?

Apply with a short form via our online platform. The application will take no more than 15 minutes.

Please log in, click the “Start entry” button, choose chapter “Cultural Transformation Laboratory” and open call “Workshop “Intangible cultural heritage preservation”. 

We will send the link to the Zoom conference to the email address you registered with on 9 September.

Good to know
  • To make sure all the visitors get quality feedback from speakers, we limited the number of participants to 20. If you are not among the participants this time — do not worry. Other workshops on other dates are awaiting, and you will get extra points.

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