Creative Business Survival Kit: expert consultations and funding

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Other
Location: Online
Deadline: 22 August 2022 at 15:00 Kyiv time
Organiser: House of Europe

Creative Business Survival Kit is emergency support for your creative enterprise. 

In two months of weekly personal consultations with leading experts, you will realise how to advance your business even during the war. Our consultants will advise you on updating your business model, internationalisation, overcoming the challenges in the Ukrainian market and other issues. 

On top of that, you will get EUR 1,000 to fund the changes: translate your website into foreign languages or launch online marketing. You can also rent a space for relocation, pay salaries, or purchase equipment.

Apply to keep going!

What do I get?
  • The realisation of how to overcome the challenges and advance your business even in times of war.
  • Five two-hour consultations with experienced Ukrainian entrepreneurs: Anna Petrova, a StartUp Ukraine, Selfmade woman, and transformational platform Wake up call founder and Volodymyr Vorobey, a PPV Knowledge Networks, Business Hub, and lislis founder. You can choose the expert yourself. 
  • Two one-hour consultations with the Estonian expert. Our partners from Creative Estonia will find a consultant to perfectly meet your request. 
  • EUR 1,000 to adapt your creative business to the new reality.
  • Membership in our alumni community, which means new contacts with the most proactive Ukrainian, EU and UK cultural actors, networking meet-ups, and even more grants.
Can I apply?

Creative Business Survival Kit will be beneficial for owners of creative businesses. 


Apply, if your business: 

  • Before the full-scale invasion, was working and henerating revenue
  • Is registered in Ukraine
  • Is a legal entity: private entrepreneur, privately held company, LLC, etc.
  • Commercial: NGOs and charitable foundations cannot apply
  • Is run by you solely or has a team
Which spheres make up the creative industries?
Your business or business idea can be related to advertising, marketing, architecture, crafts, creative hubs, digital media, gaming, fashion, film, TV, radio, museums, galleries, libraries, music, the performing arts, publishing, literature, the visual arts, entertainment, photography, product, and graphic or interior design.
What do I need to apply?
  • Completed application: elaborate on your business, the problems you faced due to war and your ideas on how they can be solved. Do not forget to share your plans for the stipend. 
  • Extract from the Unified State Registry of Enterprises and Organisations. The type of economic activity indicated in the documents should correspond to your business.
  • A bank document with your banking details in Ukrainian Hryvnia
How do I apply?

Apply with a short form via our online platform. The application will take no more than 40 minutes. Please find the questions from the form in the application form example.

Please log in, click the “Start entry” button, choose chapter “Creative businesses” and open call “Creative Business Survival Kit”. 

We receive more quality applications than we can finance. We select the participants based on the situation of their business and how effective they will spend the stipend.

Good to know
  • The consultations will start in September and last till November. 
  • You will have to provide two reports. Please share your feedback on consultations within a week after the end of the mentorship programme. In two months after receiving the stipend, you will have to email us up to 300 words on how the money was used.
  • The payment of the stipend will be made in UAH according to the internal exchange rate of Goethe-Institut on the day of the transfer. Our rate is UAH 3-5 lower than the market one.
  • Keep in mind that you may need to deduct taxes. The sum to spend on your business might be a bit lower than EUR 1,000.
  • Directly or indirectly funding entities or people listed in EU restrictive measures, as well as benefiting Belarusian or Russian public authorities is prohibited.

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