Our statement on Russia-Ukraine war

On 24 February, Russia started an all-out war against Ukraine. Russia had been waging war against Ukraine for eight years. And yet, this senseless and brutal attack on the entire country came as a shock for us. 

Russia bombs residential houses, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, historical and cultural heritage, nuclear power plants, and innocent people. As of 6 March, 1,123 civilians were killed and injured. 

We condemn Russia’s actions in the sharpest possible way and stand firmly with Ukraine. We stand with all the Ukrainians heroically defending their homeland, fighting for their freedom, evacuating people from hot spots, helping those in need, exposing fakes, and applying their networks to make the voice of Ukraine more heard in the world.

As most Ukrainians these days, our colleagues and partners are protecting their lives, families, and defending Ukraine. To this end, we have to put our usual programmes on hold. As soon as it is possible, we will resume our actions. 

Meanwhile, here are a few notes on our activities during the Russian war against Ukraine.


What about the current open calls?

All House of Europe open calls are discontinued. House of Europe open calls are marked with the House of Europe logo in the catalogue of opportunities

In the future, we might renew them or offer new hot-button opportunities. 

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What will happen to my grant?

Most ongoing grant projects can be postponed, returned, or re-directed to humanitarian aid. We will be in touch with their managers in the nearest future.

What about the events?

We had to suspend events. You will not be able to visit our hub in Kyiv or join the events of the Pop-up Hub in Kharkiv. We will be happy to meet you in person when it is safe.

I am your partner. Will I receive my payment?

Of course. We will do our best to serve our obligations and process necessary payments and communications.

I am a foreigner. How can I support Ukraine?

There are tons of ways to support Ukraine if you are a foreigner.

You can donate to the Ukrainian army, provide humanitarian aid, join and organise protests in your cities, sign petitions against Russian aggression, purchase rights for Ukrainian books, share Ukrainian art, read verified media, and share news about what is happening.

Please find the website where many ways to support Ukraine and Ukrainian people are gathered.

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