Our impact
We value transparency,
and this is a manifestation
of that.
Here we share everything we achieved within a year, in the accurate language of numbers. Study the figures and follow our evolution from a brand-new programme to a complex endeavour connecting people and opportunities.
Make yourself comfortable and join the 5-minute trip though the first year of our existence.
We created 24 programmes, bringing knowledge, international acquaintances, and inspiration to Ukrainians and citizens of the EU and the UK.
We created 24 programmes, bringing knowledge, international acquaintances, and inspiration to Ukrainians and citizens of the EU and the UK.
They covered 6 professional sectors, with the largest number of programmes focusing on culture and creative industries as a driver of innovation.
Culture and creative industries
15 programmes
International Mobility Grants, Translation Grants, Infrastructure Grants, International Cooperation Grants, Individual Project Grants, Study Tours for culture and creative industries, Digital Labs: culture professionals, Digital Labs: creative hub managers, Digital Labs: managers of art residencies, Creative Enterprise Ukraine, Creative Business Academy, Cultural Leadership Academy, International Residencies, Hatathon "Hack The Culture", Stipends or professionals in culture and creative industries
5 programmes
University Exchanges SAM Ukraine, International Mobility Grants, Individual Project Grants, Study Tours for educators, Digital Labs: educators
4 programmes
Creative Youth Grants, European Youth Camps, Active Citizens Camps, Individual Project Grants
Social entrepreneurship
3 programmes
Individual Project Grants, Study Tours for social entrepreneurs, Digital Labs: social entrepreneurs
2 programmes
Individual Project Grants, Study Tours for health professionals
1 programme
Individual Project Grants
Our grants, study tours, digital labs, and programmes became popular.
We received
9,324 applications
within 72 open calls.
Each application was special,
but we had to choose
the 3,702 most convincing
ones to support.
Our grants, study tours, digital labs, and programmes became popular.
Each application was special,
but we had to choose
the 3,702 most convincing
ones to support.
Behind successful applications were people from various places with a common desire to make a change.

75% of participants are female

322 participants live in a rural area

86 participants had to move due to the conflict in the east

63 participants are disabled

Successful applicants have been gaining new skills and hands-on work experience.
  • 118 participants

    while working on new projects funded under our different grant lines

  • 54 participants

    while visiting colleagues and professional events in the EU and the UK thanks to International Mobility Grants

  • 35 participants

    while joining Study Tours to the EU and the UK we carefully planned for them

  • 3,457 participants

    while engaging in our study programmes, Digital Labs, camps, and exchanges

    Successful applicants
    have been meeting
    partners, mentors,
    fellows, and friends
    in the EU, UK, and
    Eastern Europe.
    • Favourite cooperation countries
    • Cooperation countries
    • Still waiting for a cooperation
    Czech Republic
    United Kingdom
    Successful applicants have been launching projects that advanced and showcased Ukrainian culture, at home and internationally.
    by Nora Krug was translated into Ukrainian by Vydavnytstvo publishing house with the support of Translation Grants.
    The archaeological opera Chornobyldorf was staged by NOVA OPERA with the support of International Cooperation Grants.
    The festival of high art Bouquet Kyiv Stage 2020 was broadcast with the support of Infrastructure Grants.
    Tender plants sound lab in a botanical garden was created by Slushni rechi with the support of Creative Youth Grants.
    An online marketplace to support Ukrainian culture, was created by Port agency with the support of  the Hatathon “Hack The Culture” held in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Ukraine.
    And 113 more bold ideas were carried out with the support of our grants.
    Successful applicants have been withstanding the challenges of COVID-19.
    Using that money we:
    We were the first in Ukraine to offer support to culture in times of crisis – in the month after the lockdown hit we issued emergency funds totaling EUR 800,000.
    Created the space for 1,164 culture, tech, and business specialist to think of 210 emergency solutions and form new alliances
    Issued stipends to 1,500 professionals cut off work and in need of new skills due to the crisis
    Provided 35 organisations unable to hold in-person events with the equipment to work online and the funds to pay rent and salaries
    Funded 10 innovative cross-border cooperation projects rooted in the digital space
    Participating in our programmes was a worthy experience full of insights and discoveries — and we know our applicants liked it.

    99% would recommend our programme to

    ‘Joining the Study Tour, I was expecting to discover new approaches and get inspired. It turned out even better, as I got an understanding of my work in a global context.’

    Olga Sidoruskina, Impact Hub Odessa

    ‘The trip with an International Mobility Grant helped me define new ways of improving my publishing house and reach people I could not reach otherwise.’

    Kateryna Nosko, IST Publishing

    ‘During the Study Tour, I felt personally and professionally fulfilled. It is hard to speculate on what should be added, as the programme was truly perfect.’

    Olenka Onohda, Mystetskyi Arsenal

    ‘Participation in the Creative Business Academy provided insights into internationalisation of my business. Moreover, two weeks in the international community of fellows and pros were rather inspirational.’

    Bohdan Volynskyi, “dash!” design school for kids and youngsters
    We wanted you to learn about our opportunities where it is most convenient.
    On our website with
    184,870 visitors
    On Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube with
    Through our weekly newsletter with
    8,984 subscribers
    And in the most
    Ukrainian and
    EU media:
    We wanted to be closer to you wherever you are in Ukraine. To reach bigger cities, we visited Rivne with the House of Europe Festival and a Pop-up Hub.

    212 creative locals gathered in Rivne and 23,600 joined online to meet 15 speakers from Germany, Romania, Italy, Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine.

    To broaden your horizons of opportunities we shared programmes offered by organisations all over the EU and the UK.
    140 fresh, curated opportunities
    Together we have started big changes that will thrive: 274 members of our alumni community will take care of that.

    8,423 EUR on anti crisis alumni grants to support the community in times of pandemic

    17 great projects varying from cultural podcasts to courses on working with people with autism targeted at supermarkets

    3 meetings of alumni in Kyiv, Dnipro, and online

    All of these could have not been possible without:
    Our Consortium Partners
    The EUNIC members in Ukraine and EUNIC Global
    And, above all, the support and funding from the EU.
    Thank you for staying with us. Let’s rock the next year!

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