EU4Business: grants for Ukrainian small and medium businesses for recovery and development

Sector: Social entrepreneurship
Type: Grant
Location: Ukraine
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: EU4Business

This is an opportunity to receive up to EUR 10,000 for your business's development and economic recovery. Start an international shop on Etsy, patent developments, test new products, and tell customers that you have evacuated to another city — the grant will support any initiative you take.

Grants are provided in frames of the EU4Business programme and funded by the European Union and the German government. This is one of the thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.

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What do I get?

Up to EUR 10,000 for business growth: export, research, certification, testing, registration, intellectual rights, marketing, etc.

You can spend half of the grant on equipment. In your application, explain why this is important to your business.

Can I apply?

The organisers are looking for micro-, small or medium businesses that:

  • Have been officially registered in Ukraine for over three years (worked until 1 January 2021).
  • Have a TOV, PP or other legal entity.
  • Work in the territory under the control of the Ukrainian government.
  • Work in creative industries, education, processing, logistics, transport or medicine.

Read more about the terms and conditions here.

What do I need to apply?

A completed online form that includes:

  • General information about the company and the applicant.
  • Description of the company's activities: describe the experience, strategy, number of employees, etc. Also, include a financial statement.
  • Information about the project you will implement. Describe the goals, implementation plan, and expected results.
  • Project budget. The document template will be available when filling out the application.
How do I apply?

By 24 March, submit an online application.

The organisers will support 100 businesses. You will find out the results at the end of April.

Check answers to frequently asked questions at the link.

Good to know
  • Non-profit organisations, farms, state or communal enterprises, and public and private joint-stock companies cannot apply for the competition.
  • You cannot apply if your business concerns manufacturing arms, military ammunition, dual-use products, petroleum products, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, pharmaceutical products, gambling, agriculture or the IT sector.
  • You can apply if you have already received an EU4Business grant. However, your application will likely not be supported if you implement a project within another GIZ programme.
  • You will receive money in two instalments: 60% after concluding the grant agreement and the rest after project implementation and reporting. You will have six weeks to implement the project.

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