IJ4EU: grants for cross-border investigative projects for freelance journalists

Sector: Media
Type: Grant
Location: Ukraine
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: International Press Institute

This is an opportunity to get up to EUR 20,000 for a journalistic investigation worth publishing by European media.

Create content on any topic you believe is essential, from human rights to corruption. The grant will fund all the costs related to the production.

There necessarily has to be an EU partner in the team. You will have half a year to implement the project.

The programme is provided by the International Press Institute in cooperation with the European Journalism Centre and the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom. This is one of the thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.

More about the programme

What do I get?
  • Up to EUR 20,000 to cover all the costs related to the project except for the hardware.
  • Mentor’s consultations about cross-border collaboration, identifying sources, research methods, storytelling or other topics depending on your project needs.
  • Expert consultations with lawyers, communication managers, etc. 
  • Training sessions and workshops.
  • Networking with colleagues and experts from the EU.
Can I apply?

To apply for this grant, you need to have: 

  • A strong idea of cross-border investigation. You can find examples of projects previously supported by the grant here
  • Professional experience in journalism.
  • Cross-border team of colleagues who will become your partners in the investigation. The team must have professionals from the EU.
  • Bank account that can receive international payments from the EU.
What do I need to apply?
  • Completed application form. Elaborate on the primary investigation idea, project timeline and potential risks.
  • Budget of the project.
  • Letters of intent from at least two professional news outlets in two countries.

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

How do I apply?

By 31 March, apply via an online portal. The language of the application is English.

You will know the results in a few weeks after the application deadline.

If you do not make it this time, you can prepare an application and submit it in autumn.

Good to know
  • You can submit several applications.
  • Journalists who apply as team members in multiple projects should ensure their working time is allocated to a full-time equivalent.
  • You will get money to the team leader's bank account in euros. You will have to pay the bank commission yourself.
  • The organisers will choose winners depending on the project's relevance to the overall theme, novelty, expected impact on society, and geography.

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