Stipends for Filmmakers

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Other
Location: Worldwide
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: House of Europe x Netflix

House of Europe is continuing its partnership with Netflix to support Ukrainian creators locally and worldwide who have been affected or displaced by the war.

We are offering stipends of EUR 1,000 to help you continue or develop your work: design a showreel, film a small project for your portfolio, or purchase the technical bits and bobs you were not able to take with you from home. 

Bureaucracy is minimised. All you need is a convincing application and a short narrative report. 

Make sure to apply and look out for online educational masterclasses coming later this year!

Learn about the pitfalls and ask your question to the grant managers — join the live stream on Facebook on 6 April at 16.00.

What do I get?

EUR 1,000 to spend on: 

  • Equipment re-purchase or rental: cameras, light, sound, hard drives, memory cards, power banks, batteries, chargers, adapters, etc.
  • Software and subscriptions for online services: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, etc.
  • The offset of a portion of expenses for the production of a film project in development: fuel, travel tickets, hotel expenses, crew per diems, talent fees, etc.
  • Fees for professional development courses and conferences to adapt your skills to the new reality
  • External expertise fees: script-doctoring, researcher’s fees, translator’s fees, video editing, etc.
  • And other essentials related to your creative projects
Can I apply?

We are looking for anyone with experience within the departments of any of these professions: screenwriter, producer, director, director of photography, production, sound and SFX, production and costume design, casting and post-production (editing, sound design, OST, colour-grading, VFX, CGI).

You are a perfect fit if you: 

  • Have at least one film or series credit
  • Were working in the industry full-time prior to 2022
  • Stayed in Ukraine or moved abroad in 2022 
  • Are a citizen of Ukraine
  • Are 18+ years old 
  • Are registered as a private entrepreneur or have a partner organisation (LLC, NGO, etc.)
What do I need to apply?
  • Your CV with a list of credits 
  • A scan of your Ukrainian passport
  • If you are in Ukraine and wish to receive the transfer to your Ukrainian bank account: extract from the Unified State Registry of Enterprises and Organisations.
  • If you are abroad and wish to receive the transfer to your bank account in another country: a document certifying your right to permanent or temporary residence in this country and a tax number.
How do I apply?

Apply via our online platform. Log in, opt for the chapter ’Individual Grants’ and the open call ’Stipends for filmmakers 2’. 

Before applying, check our FAQs. There you will find out whether you can receive the transfer to your friend’s bank account or get the stipend for the second time, as well as get answers to other questions. 

You will get an electronic letter with the results of the open call after 15 May. 

Good to know
  • You will have to send us a 300-word report on how you spent the stipend. Share some photos to make us extremely happy. 
  • Later this year, we will offer two educational opportunities.  Producers and line producers can hop on a series of digital masterclasses from the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, providing a comprehensive understanding of all stages of a project life-span from a co-production point of view. We will also offer a two-day digital post-production workshop from the New York Film Academy.
  • We value diversity. Applications will be accepted irrespective of any upper age limit, disability, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or country of residence. 

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