Wild Bits: art residencies in Estonia

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Residency
Location: Estonia
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: Other

This is an opportunity to create an artwork for the Estonian art park Wild Bits.

Your installation, intervention or procedural work, which explores human existence in the conditions of modern technological society, will be inscribed in the wild landscapes of southern Estonia.

The programme covers production, round-trip tickets, accommodation and workspace, as well as an artist fee of EUR 2,000. The residency will take place in the summer and will last three weeks.

The programme is managed by Maajaam — art and technology farm in South Estonia. This is one of thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.

More about the programme

What do I get?
  • A three-week residency in the art park surrounded by the wild nature of South Estonia
  • Up to EUR 3,000 for the production, artist fee of EUR 2,000 and money for round-trip tickets
  • A room, work space, access to photo, video and sound recording studios, a workshop with a 3D printer and other residency facilities 
  • Opportunity to exhibit your work at Wild Bits in Estonia. For selected works, also at the Savvala exhibition in Vidzeme, Latvia
Can I apply?

This residency is ideal for artists who work in visual art, sound, sculpture, installation and design and who have a good command of the English language.

You can apply alone or in a team with other artists.

What do I need to apply?
  • Application form completed in English: add your contacts, a brief description of the project and tell about your motivation
  • CV
  • Biography
  • Portfolio
  • Sketches of the project
  • Image for the project`s cover 
  • Description of the work plan
  • Project budget
How do I apply?
Submit the online application by 27 January. You will also receive an email with a link where you can download all additional files.
Good to know
  • You will find out whether you are one of the five winners in March.
  • If you apply in a team, you will need one joint application.
  • The organisers encourage using alternative energy sources in artistic works.
  • Your works will remain at Maajaam until 2025.

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