Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Programme
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: The Festival Academy

This is an opportunity for young festival managers to spend seven days  with a group of festival leaders, cultural activists, experts, and artists in Cyprus. You will have a conversation about today’s challenges and the role that festivals, art, and culture can play. 

The Atelier will take place from 7 till 13 October in Nicosia, Cyprus and will help you to gain new perspectives, broaden your festival-making skills as well as challenge your ideas. The organisers offer full bursary to cover the participation fee and travel costs.

The Atelier is provided by The Festival Academy in partnership with Home for Cooperation through the Buffer Fringe Festival. This is one of the thousands of the EU opportunities for Ukraine. 

More about the competition

What do I get?

Workshops, thematic lunches, and cross-discipline round tables with international experts on:

  • Different models of curating, focusing on building audiences or communities
  • The social, environmental, and artistic impact of festivals
  • How and if festivals can contribute to strengthening global identities and values and tackle rising nationalism
  • Fair international collaboration 
  • Festivals, displacement, and migrant or refugee communities
  • Sustainable festival-making on all levels, including mobility in the post-COVID era
  • Gender balance and inclusion in the context of festivals
  • Freedom of expression and the relevance of artistic boycott
  • Working with communities in contested spaces
Can I apply?

This competition is for Ukrainian festival makers who are both currently based in Ukraine or were forced to go abroad due to the war.

Participants represent a broad diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds — from students to young managers working for large established organisations or emerging curators running their own innovative international festivals are welcome to apply.

What do I need to apply?
  • Application form completed in English
  • Excellent knowledge of English — all the activities will be held in English
How do I apply?

Submit the online form.

Applications are being accepted till 10 August. The organisers will choose 35 winners.

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