Grants to support Ukrainians affected by the war

Sector: Other
Type: Grant
Location: Ukraine
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: East Europe Foundation

This is an opportunity for non-government and charity organisations to get up to EUR 10,000 in order to help Ukrainians affected by russia's war against Ukraine.

Purchase food or personal care, set up a temporary shelter, create a hotline of psychological assistance, or implement another project. You will have up to four months to implement the idea in Ukraine. 

The programme is provided by the East Europe Foundation with the support of the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine. This is one of thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.

More about the programme

What do I get?

You can get a grant of up to EUR 10,000 to pay for purchase of food and non-food goods, equipment for temporary shelters, transport, logistics, or rent of warehouses. 

You can also spend money to cover the work of a psychologist and other staff, but these cannot exceed 20% of the total budget.

Can I apply?

The organisers are waiting for applications from non-governmental and charitable organisations that:

  • Are officially registered in Ukraine
  • Have previous experience in providing humanitarian or psychological assistance
  • Understand the needs of Ukrainians affected by the war
  • Are able to implement the project in the most damaged areas
  • Have a strong team: a manager, a financial specialist and other employees
What do I need to apply?
  • Completed in Ukrainian application form: tell about the project, actions needed for its implementation, duration and team
  • Budget of project
  • Letter of support from the local authority in any form
  • Certificate with bank account details
How do I apply?

Send application form completed in Ukrainian, budget and all the necessary documents to The subject line is «Заявка на конкурс грантів для надання невідкладної гуманітарної та психологічної допомоги постраждалим від війни». 

Applications are being processed on a rolling basis. The results will be communicated within 15 days from the date of receipt.

Good to know
  • The organisers are not required to publicly justify their decisions, nor to give individual feedback to applicants.
  • If your application is successful, the organisers will invite you for an online interview.
  • You will have three months to implement a humanitarian aid project and four months to implement a psychological assistance initiative.

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