#StandWithUkraine: fellowships for civil society activists

Sector: Other
Type: Scholarship
Location: Europe
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility

This is an opportunity to get EUR 5,000 for activists and other professionals interested in civil society in order to take leadership actions in response to the war in Ukraine.

Organise evacuation of Ukrainian activists and their families, create a hotline for refugees in or outside Ukraine, rebuild schools and hospitals, help collect evidence of human rights violations and war crimes, or launch another project to support Ukraine. Find examples of activities and costs which are eligible under the scholarship from previous years here. You will have up to eight months to implement the idea in Ukraine, the EU, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova or Belarus.

The programme is funded by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility. This is one of thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.

More about the fellowship

What do I get?
  • EUR 5,000 to pay for activities, travel expenses, communication costs, bank transfer charges, consular fees, and insurance fee. You can also spend money to cover accounting services, office or shared space rent, and legal services to open accounts, but these cannot exceed 10% of the total budget. 
  • Networking with project alumni through different trainings and webinars.
Can I apply?

You can get a scholarship if: 

  • You have citizenship of Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova or Belarus
  • You are above 18 years old
  • You have not previously benefited from this programme
  • You work for civil society organisation or have proven experience of working in this field
  • You have a strong desire to implement a project for Ukrainian civil society
What do I need to apply?
  • Completed in English application form with description of your project, actions needed for its implementation, expected result, and team
  • Budget of the project 
  • CV
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Contact details of two reference people
How do I apply?

Submit the online form.

If you are feeling at risk and would rather not use the online form, please contact the organiser at fellowships@eapcivilsociety.eu or eapcivilsociety@protonmail.com and they will suggest alternative channels for sending your application.

Applications are being processed on a rolling basis.

Good to know
  • You may apply only once for this programme.
  • Scholarship does not cover neither fees or any payment to the applicant or supervisor, nor costs for purchasing equipment including weapons or any other military equipment. 
  • If you get a negative answer, the organisers can justify their decision.
  • If your application is successful, the team will contact you to finalise a project plan and budget. You will also discuss further details that will be included in future grant agreement.

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