Documenting Ukraine: grants for professionals documenting the war in Ukraine

Sector: Other
Type: Grant
Location: Ukraine
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: Institute for Human Sciences

This is an opportunity for journalists, scholars, artists, public intellectuals, translators and archivists based in Ukraine to get EUR 5,000.

You can win emergency support If you work on documentation projects that establish and preserve a factual record of the war through reporting, gathering published source material, collecting oral testimony as well as bringing meaning to events through artistic interpretation.

The project Documenting Ukraine is financed by the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. This is one of the thousands of the EU opportunities for Ukraine.

What do I get?

You can get a one-time support of EUR 5,000.

Can I apply?

You can win a grant if you are: 

  • A journalist who wants to continue the reporting
  • A writer who works on essays or book projects which reflect your personal war experience 
  • A scholar who wants to conduct interviews with those whose lives have been affected by the war or gather and process published materials about the war
  • A public intellectual who writes or gives interviews for European media
  • A filmmaker or visual artist who works on war-related projects
  • A curator who wants to organise an exhibition
  • A publisher who wants to work on book projects about the war 
  • A translator who wants to translate particular texts about the war 
  • An archive employee who works on documenting the impact of the war
  • A professional that belongs to other sphere, yet works on the war projects
What do I need to apply?
  • CV
  • Short description of the project: up to one page
  • Full name and contact details of one reference

The application should be submitted in English or Ukrainian.

How do I apply?

Send your CV, a short description of the project, and the contact details of your reference to The subject line is "Documenting Ukraine".

Applications are being processed on a rolling basis.

Good to know

The organisers are not required to publicly justify their decisions, nor to give individual feedback to applicants.

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