Digital Labs: doctors and nurses from pediatrics departments

Sector: Health
Type: Digital Labs
Location: Online
Deadline: 04 February 2022 at 15:00 Kyiv time
Organiser: House of Europe: Czech Centres

The Digital Lab is all about leadership and building friendly and efficient relationships with patients. 

In five days, you will learn how to plan consultations comfortable both for you and the patient. Understand how to find common ground with any person, announce bad news, effectively solve conflicts, and avoid emotional burnout. Study real-life examples and create handy recommendations. Ukrainian and European experts will guide you through the journey. 

The Digital Lab takes place on weekends. We invite translators: you will communicate with foreign experts fluently. 

Carefully study the Application Guidelines, join the Digital Lab, and grow professionally.

What do I get?
  • Dictionaries and recommendations that will guide you during communication with the parents of newborn patients
  • 10 lectures from 10 experts from the EU and Ukraine. You will learn how to constantly advance professionally and motivate teammates, plan and hold friendly consultations, approach any person in any situation, and help yourself when in stress or emotional burnout. You can find the programme of the Lab is Application Guidelines
  • 10 group mentoring sessions, during which you will play out situations that may arise during communicating with patients
  • A certificate that will provide continuous professional development points and strengthen the CV
Can I apply?

We invite pairs of pediatricians and nurses from one department. You only need to submit one application. 

Our ideal participants:

  • Have more than three years of professional experience
  • Have no experience of participating in international internships
  • Are eager to learn how to build trusting relationships with patients'
  • Believe that the positive example of one person can change a lot
  • Are motivated to develop professional skills and share knowledge with colleagues
What do I need to apply?

Both pediatrician and nurse should attach:

  • CV: professional experience, education, internship, grants for the last three years
  • Confirmation that you will make a presentation for teammates and share the photos of the event with us
How do I apply?

Please apply via our online platform. You can find the questions from the form in the Application Guidelines.

Good to know
  • You will find out where you were selected on 8 February 2022. Do not forget to check your email on this day.
  • You can skip no more than two meetings to get a certificate. Please consider this while planning your schedule to be able to concentrate on studying. 
  • You can only submit one application within one open call. If you submit several applications, we will only consider the one that was first. 
  • If unsuccessful, you can apply again for the next call or choose another House of Europe opportunity.
  • Please keep your camera and microphone switched on during the sessions.

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