Comic Art Europe project contest

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Other
Location: Belgium, France, Spain, UK
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: Other

This is a contest of comics projects reflecting on the theme "Living together". The winners will get money awards and the opportunity to present their works for the professional communities in Belgium, France, Spain, UK. 
You don’t need to have a ready project to apply. The organisers expect your idea and a proposal for an output format (exhibition, installation, graphic novel, performance, etc.). 
Comic Art Europe is co-funded by Creative Europe. This is one of the thousands of EU opportunities for Ukrainians. 
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What do I get?
  • Grant of EUR 5,000 
  • Two week residency in one of the four partner cities (Lyon, Brussels, Barcelona, or Kendal) 
  • Opportunity to present your work at festivals Lyon BD and Lakes International Comic Arts
Can I apply?
This is a contest for artists of full age.
You can apply individually or with a partner. If you apply as a duo you will have to split the award. 
What do I need to apply?

Completed application form which includes:

  • Synopsis of the project in English, ideally, with footages or insights 
  • Motivation letter
  • Biography and portfolio 
How do I apply?
Carefully read the contest concept and fill in the online form
Good to know
  • Successful candidates will be announced in March 2022.
  • Residencies will take place between May and October 2022. 

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