Online course "European experience of neonatal and child rehabilitation"

Sector: Health
Type: Other
Location: Online
Deadline: 02 August 2021 at 15:00 Kyiv time
Organiser: House of Europe: Czech Centres

This course will introduce you to the innovation in the rehabilitation of children aged up to three years old. 

Children physical therapists and occupational therapists from the EU will cover the main strategies of working with young patients and tell more about the rehabilitation procedures in their countries. After watching the lectures, you will join the live streams with experts to ask questions and clarify key issues. 

For the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate acknowledged by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Three participants of the course with the highest scores for their homeworks will get handbooks “Physical therapy” and “Occupation therapy” adopted by the top universities in Prague. 

Lectures have embedded Ukrainian subtitles. We invite interpreters to translate the live streams. 

What is on the programme?
  • Lecture 1. Handling: early intervention in neonatal department 
  • Lecture 2. Stimulation of feeding of premature babies
  • Lecture 3. NBAS scale 
  • Lecture 4. Poses and positions in physical therapy for the development of children with hypotension and hypertansion 
  • Lecture 5. The strategy of rehabilitation treatment in the diagnosis of Spina Bifida 
  • Lecture 6. Physical therapy for children aged 0-3 with a lesion of the respiratory system
  • Lecture 7. The importance of neuro-development milestones in building up clinical reasoning 
  • Lecture 8. Using game in early intervention to develop self-care skills
  • Lecture 9. Sensor integration in pediatry
  • Lecture 10. Occupational therapy for children with visual impairment 
  • A live session with lecturers for your questions and clarifications.
Can I apply?
The online course is designed for children physical therapists and occupational therapists that are eager to advance professionally and adopt the latest healthcare trends. 
What do I need to apply?
  • CV. Tell us a bit more about your professional experience, education, internships, as well as scholarships and grants you previously won
How do I apply?

Read the information on the call carefully and apply via our online platform.

Please find the question from the application form in the application form example

Good to know
  • In October the online course will be available for everyone. However, only the winners of this open call will get the opportunity to consult with experts in live streams and receive a printed certificate offering more points. 
  • You will receive an email with the results of the selection on 31 July 2021. To succeed, make sure to answer the mandatory questions, attach a CV, and submit the application on time.
  • If your application is not selected, apply for the next open call or choose another House of Europe opportunity. 
  • You can only submit one application within one open call.

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