"Let’s meet Europe! Tolerance and inclusion": online camp for children of 11-13 years old

Sector: Youth
Type: Programme
Location: Online
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: House of Europe: Institut français d'Ukraine

We invite children from all over Ukraine to hop on a space journey with the European Youth Camp.

We are heading to a universe of tolerance, where an uninhabited planet awaits. We will fit it out as we wish: there will be no inequality and bullying, but plenty of facilities for disabled people, environmental initiative, and respect for cultural heritage instead. As in any exploration, there will be adventures and true friendship.

Our spaceship is an online platform we developed exclusively for the camp and made compliant with all computers and smartphones. We also created a mobile app, where children will complete quests and build up their city during the camp.

We blast off on 21 June, when the school tests are complete. The exploration will last until 2 July: 10 days with a brief return to Earth on weekends. We meet daily from 10.00 to 15.00 and pause to have lunch from 13.00 to 14.00.

Read the open call carefully and apply: the camp will be awesome! 

What will my child get?
  • Participation in a 10-day space exploration, where each day brings new adventures and discussions of important issues 
  • Understanding how to contribute to a society where everyone feels comfortable
  • An initiation to the diversity of European languages
  • Friends from all over Ukraine, active and motivated to change the world
  • Acquaintances among volunteers from the EU, who will share their experiences and teach European languages
  • A pack of stylish souvenirs
How was the previous camp?

We have already sent one shift into space: check out the video to find out how it went.

Can my child apply?

We invite active, curious children 11-13 years old from all over Ukraine.

We have no restrictions: disabled children and children with access requirements, participants from villages and small towns, and those who had to move due to the conflict in the East of Ukraine are all welcome.

What do I need to apply?
  • Make sure the child is willing to join the camp. To this end, please ask them to write a few lines on why they want to join the camp and attach their essay up to one page long, a video or audio up to one minute long, a picture or something else that will further their words.
  • Provide the child with a stable internet connection, a smartphone, and a computer or tablet. 
How do I apply?
Read the open call carefully and apply via our online platform
How will you evaluate the application?

Firstly we will evaluate:

  • How strong is the child’s motivation to join the camp
  • Where the child lives: we make sure there are a few participants from each region of Ukraine
  • What is the child’s gender: we make sure among the participants of the camp are an equal number of boys and girls

Participation in international camps is a great adventure, and we want as many children as possible to experience it. Therefore, we will give preference to children who have never participated in such camps before.

Children from villages and small towns, those who had to move due to the conflict in the East of Ukraine will also get bonus points. 

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