European Commission grants for democracy and human rights

Sector: Other
Type: Grant
Location: Ukraine
Deadline: Finished
Organiser: European Commission

This is a grant aimed to support and empower civil society in protecting and promoting democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms. You can get up to EUR 2,500,000 for a project in a minimum of two and a maximum of six countries within your region related to such priorities:

  • Engage long- and medium-term drivers of civic space dynamics according to specific country contexts
  • Offer programmes of capacity building, networking and exchange for human rights defenders and related civil society
  • Counter the criminalisation and defamation of civic actors and civil society
  • Develop and pilot multi-stakeholder response protocols for early action
  • Provide direct support in the form of services and/or financial assistance
  • Analyse trends and assess the dynamics of civic, democratic, and civil society space 

The initial planned duration of the project may not be lower than 30 months nor exceed 36 months. You need at least one co-applicant partner organisation established in one of the countries where the action is taking place. 
This is one of the thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.
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What do I get?
Up to EUR 2,500,000 for project realisation. This sum can cover from 51 % to 95 % of the total budget of the project. 
Can I apply?

In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must be:

  • A non-governmental civil society organisation active in human rights or democracy work
  • A non-profit-making organisation
  • A legal person

Entities which do not have legal person can also apply if one of their representatives can undertake legal obligations on behalf of the entity. 

Which activities are eligible?
  • Analysing, assessing and updating information on civic, democratic and civil society space, using or adapting existing methodology
  • Networking and peer exchange among civic space actors
  • Intersectional coalition-building
  • Training on human rights and democracy related subjects including leadership, digital security, data protection, surveillance technology, digital and  financial literacy, communication and public campaigning, advocacy etc.
  • Legal assistance
  • Hotlines or helpdesks for civic actors
  • Funding schemes, for example micro-grants, for experimentation and learning on democratic citizen engagement and participation practices
  • Emergency funding schemes for surge support and backstopping in case of crackdowns
  • Support to public campaigns, petitions, citizens’ initiatives, public deliberation, crowdfunding initiatives, etc.
  • Recruitment and deployment of emergency resource teams
  • Capacity building or other support to community leadership, including especially women and youth leaders
  • Communication campaigns
What do I need to apply?

Concept note form completed in English, French or Spanish. Provide the description of your project, its relevance, target groups and estimated contribution requested from the EU. 

If your application is selected, you will need to fill a full application form later.

How do I apply?
Please, register in PADOR and submit their application in PROSPECT. If you are applying via this system for the first time get your EU login first. 
Good to know
  • International organisations are not eligible to apply.
  • An organisation may not submit more than one application as lead applicant under this call for proposals.
  • Please note that once the EU Login is created, the synchronisation/validation may take up to 24 hours before PADOR/PROSPECT recognize the user’s ID and allow the access. 

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