Call for colleagues

House of Europe is a new EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth. 

What is House of Europe about?

This encompasses 20+ separate programme lines enabling to go for conferences, professional events, internships, and networking in the EU, or to enrol in study tours, residencies, trainings, and other forms of support. House of Europe funds cultural coproductions and cooperations between Ukrainian and EU organisations, along with the development of cultural infrastructure and artistic concepts for youth in Ukraine. Finally, the programme offers various youth camps and an intra-Ukrainian university exchange.


We are looking for new colleagues:

Secretary for the programme "House of Europe"

House of Europe is recruiting a full-time Secretary (till 31 March 2023). Deadline for applications is 7 Feburary 2020 23.59.

The position is based in the Kyiv office and is part of the centralized team of House of Europe. The position requires the knowledge of both German and English.

Find out more and apply: Secretary

Applications are accepted both in German or in English.

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