Study tours in education – elementary school // expired

Sector: Education
Type: Study tour
Organiser: House of Europe
Location: Finland
Deadline: 17 January 2020 at 15.00 Kyiv time


This opportunity is perfectly suitable for:

- Elementary school teachers with 5+ years of experience and active participation in the educational reform process

- Specialists involved in the development of methodological frameworks for elementary schools (teacher-methodologists, researchers, pedagogical university trainers )

- Headmasters and advanced specialists in elementary education from  amalgamated communities involved in the newly created system of “base schools”

Short description:
This opportunity offers:

- Participation in a week-long study tour in Finland focusing on  aspects of elementary school innovations in order to

- Internationalise networks

- Exchange and reflect on concepts and methodologies of teaching in elementary school, approaches and working methods, success-models and challenges

- Receive training and build capacities for professional and organisational advancement

What do I need to apply?

- Confirmation that you are a legal resident of Ukraine and at least 18 years old: provide a scan of the first page of your passport indicating your birth date

- At least five years of professional experience in the field of education

- Your professional CV

- Motivation letter

- Two recommendation letters from employers or/and an organisation you have worked with

More information in Guideline for applicants

How do I apply?
Apply online
Good to know:

- Only individual applications are eligible, group applications are not. 

- You can apply for only one study tour within one call. 

- If unsuccessful, you may apply again in the next call. 

- You may take part only once in a House of Europe study tour. 

- However, you may still be eligible to apply for other House of Europe opportunities.

- You must have a biometric passport or be able to obtain a biometric passport, or you must obtain a visa for the EU country(-ies) of travel  for insertion in your valid non-biometric passport.

- You are responsible for all personal travel documents, including visas, insurance, and biometric passport.

- In the event you are under a valid EU travel ban you are ineligible for this event .

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