Artists-in-Berlin // expired

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Residency
Organiser: DAAD
Location: Berlin
Deadline: 1 December 2019 (literature, music, film)


This opportunity is perfectly suitable for:

Artists working in the fields of film, literature and music

What is it all about?

This opportunity

 ■ Intends to create resonance and artistic dialogue extending beyond cultural, geographic, and political borders.

 ■ Aims to foster creative freedom and the promotion of the diversity of artistic and literary positions.

 ■ Hosts approximately 100 events each year involving guest sector professionals visiting Berlin and other cities.


12 months (literature and music), 6 months (film)

What do I get?

■ Monthly grant instalments covering accommodation and living expenses

■ Provision of a furnished apartment

■ Travel and luggage expenses, also applicable to spouse and children intending to stay in Berlin for the duration of the invitation

■ If required: health, accident and long-term care insurance

■ German language lessons (optional)

What do I need to apply?

■ Online

■ Personal Data Application Form

■ Via post

■ Completed application form

■ Documentation of your work (work samples)


■ Your published work (preferably in German, or in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, if available; no more than 4 or 5 books)

■ Your reviews

■ No manuscripts


■ Scores, recordings (record album, CD, DVD, digital audio storage), videos, or audio-visual material, no more than 3 or 4 samples


■ Vimeo links or DVDs,  script excerpts (optional) – no more than 3 work samples, preferably more recent works, with subtitles

Submit original material and storage media via postal service and/or links. Your submitted applications and materials should be as current as possible.

How do I apply?

Apply online, fill in the application form, print it out, and send it along with your work material (if submitting hard copies) via mail.

Good to know:

■ If initially unsuccessful, you are encouraged to reapply.

■ German nationals and foreign artists who are residents of the Federal Republic of Germany are ineligible for this programme.

■ You are responsible for the fulfilment of all required visa arrangements  for your stay in Berlin prior to traveling. These may be completed in your respective country or with the German Embassy located in your home country.

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