Translation grants // expired

Sector: Culture and creative industries
Type: Grant
Organiser: House of Europe
Location: Ukraine and EU
Deadline: 14 November 2019 at 15.00 Kyiv time


This open call is finished. Stay tuned for the next calls in 2020.


This opportunity is perfectly suitable for:

 ■ Publishing houses or other publishing organisations (including private entrepreneurs/FOP) registered in Ukraine or EU ■ In tandem with translators

What is it all about?

This opportunity 

 ■ Funds translations of

 ■ Professional literature related to House of Europe’s sectors: 

 ■ Culture and creative industries

 ■ Education

 ■ Health

 ■ Media

 ■ Social entrepreneurship

 ■ Youth work

 ■ Fiction literature, including prose, poetry, and drama. Priority will be given to contemporary literature.

 ■ Translations from the following languages are supported: 

 ■ From EU languages into Ukrainian

 ■ From Ukrainian minority languages into Ukrainian

 ■ From Ukrainian into EU languages 


Up to 18 months

What do I get?

■ Funding for the implementation of a translation and publication project: up to EUR 4,000 

■ Entire production cycle from translation to finished book eligible, including book design and advertisement

■ Possibility to participate in House of Europe capacity building seminars on translation

What do I need to apply?

■ Supporting documents on the legal status of your publishing house/organisation

■ Сopy of the contract between publisher and translator

■ Copy of the contract between publisher and the copyright owner

■ Budget plan

■ CVs of all key participants involved in the proposed translation and publication project

Good to know:

■ The applying organisations must be registered legal entities (in Ukraine: Ltd/non-governmental organisation/individual entrepreneur; in EU: legal entity).

■ Your organisation can apply only for one translation grant within one call. 

■ If unsuccessful, your organisation can apply again in the next call. 

■ Your organisation can be funded several times through a House of Europe translation grant. 

■ Moreover, your organisation may be eligible to apply for other House of Europe opportunities.

■ Book translations which are already complete at the time of application are ineligible for this grant.

■ Only translations from the original language of the book are eligible.

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